Violins For Beginners – Types and Sizes


Violins come in different sizes to suit children and adults of various age. Here is a violins for beginners guide that can help you choose the right size of musical instrument that fits your needs:

Violin Types

Generally, the violin has two types. However, Ernst Heinrich Roth Violin makers from all parts of the world have created different types for select brands. Here is a look at the two basic types of violin:

1. Electric

This type of musical instrument utilizes an electronic signal output. Violins for beginners are not usually of the electric type since the latter is more suited for expert players. Electric violins produce a sharper sound than that of the acoustic type.

2. Non-Electric or Acoustic

Non-electric violins are conventional and are appropriate for first-time learners. This type of instrument is usually seen in pictures and movies. It is usually played for folk and traditional music.

Violins can also be categorized by time.

1. Modern

Recent instruments have sharper angles on its neck. The strings are adjusted to a higher pitch and the wood material used is thin and small.

2. Classic

Old models have smaller heels and a thinner neck.

3. Baroque

Baroque violins are more ornamental. They have shallow neck and angles compared to the two other types. Shoulder and chin rests weren’t given much importance in the construction of such violins.

This popular musical instrument can also be classified by country. Violins were very popular in places like Italy, China, Germany, Korea and Hungary. The most costly pieces came from Italy while the cheapest ones originated from China.

Violin Sizes

Violins for beginners were made to suit an individual’s size and capabilities. The different violin dimensions are:

1. Full Size Violin ( 4/4) The full-size violin is intended for 9 year old individuals and above. Most adults use this size of musical instrument. It has an average arm length of approximately 23.5.

2. 3/4 (Three-Fourth) Nine to eleven year old children can play this size. Its arm length is 22 to 23.5 inches.

3. 1/2 (One-Half) Six to 10 year old children use this violin size.

4. 1/4 (One-Fourth) This violin has an arm length of 17.6 to 20in. It is suitable for 4-7 year old kids.

5. 1/8 (One-Eighth) Children with an arm length of 17.1 – 17.5in will fit this violin size.

6. 1/10 (One-Tenth) Younger violinists, usually those between the age 3 and 5, use this size.

7. 1/16 (One-Sixteenth) This violin has an arm length of 14 – 15 3/8 inches. It is mostly used by three to five year old children.

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