Using Microservice or Microjob Sites for Technical Services


If you’re having problems with some of the technical issues on your site, one of the cheapest ways to resolve them is through using a microservice site. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a technical support specialist, you can just spend 5 to 20 for someone to take care of it for you.

Here are some of the many technical tasks that you can get done on a microservice site.

Improving Your Website’s Security

Is your site secure? Most people’s sites have a very minimal amount of security. Yet most people have no idea how to secure their sites, since they’re not computer security specialists.

Freelancers on microservice sites can help you beef up your security. They can help identify known exploits in your set-up, install security measures on your servers and help protect your WordPress install from being hacked.

Moving a Website

Moving a website from one server to another can be a very tedious task. A lot of scripts can break from point A to point B. The database can get corrupted. Most people who aren’t very technical will have a hard time with website transfers.

On a microservice site, for $5 to $10 someone will gladly help you port over all your files to a new server and make sure everything works.

Installing a Shopping Cart

Installing a shopping cart can be tricky business. First, you need to set up a payment gateway. Then you need to attach the gateway to your shopping cart. You need to make sure everything works.

Believe it or not, there are people who specialize in helping people set up shopping carts. They can help for just a few dollars.

Fixing a Hacked WordPress Installation

WordPress is one of the most frequently hacked platforms on the internet. It’s not because WordPress is insecure – WordPress is actually one of the most secure platforms around – it’s because of all the plug-ins and themes that go into WordPress. Many of these have security holes that allow sites to get hacked.

Security experts on microservice sites can help you look into your WordPress installation and fix the hack.

Note: Some kinds of hacks will require more extensive help than you can get on microservice sites. However, for many automated hacks, freelancers on microservice sites can get the job done.

Installing Scripts and Add-Ons

Don’t know how to install WordPress? That Drupal add-on giving you trouble? Trying to get phpBB to work and getting errors? No problem. There are plenty of freelancers on microservice sites who can help you get those scripts up and running properly.

These are some of the many technical services you can get from microservice sites. You can save a ton of money on tech support just by going with a site like Fiverr or Tenrr instead of hiring a real sys admin.


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