A good courier service will provide peace of mind within a growing business, if you have tight deadlines to meet it is sometimes difficult to ship a package through conventional means.

Repeat business is essential in today’s competitive market place. The cost of finding a potential customer, establishing a good working relationship, and maintaining that relationship will secure future orders.

When delivery commitments are not met, what impact can this “failure in service” have on your business? On the one side there is the cost of unhappy customers, you will spend time on the phone responding to complaints, you may then have to send the same goods a second time, and lastly spend time chasing the original package and managing in a claims process. To turn this process around will mean instant peace of mind for you and your customer. Recruiting the correct service in the first place is a valuable tool for a growing business. Same day courier services should include:

· A dedicated driver, rider and vehicle for your delivery.

· Customers should receive a personal service

· Couriers should send consignments immediately

· Proof of delivery signatures are instantly available and can be sent to you by E Mail

· You should always be informed, immediately of any issues, such as traffic problems.

Prices vary along with guarantees. If you are looking for a 100% reliable courier service that will be a perfect ambassador for your business, then, look for testimonials before recruiting a new company. A good courier with text updates service will be a positive asset for your business.

Security and urgency are key to the successful operations of a same day courier. Most businesses that use courier’s services find them easy, convenient, and a reliable way of shipping their goods and letters. Diverse packages can be sent with confidence and ease. The restrictions that traditional postal services have regarding size, weight and shape can be both, time-consuming, and irritating. The flexibility that a good courier service offers is invaluable, also the chances of the packaged sustaining any damage is reduced. Goods in transit will be insured and the liability should be checked. Drivers should also have public liability insurance.

The image and ethos of your company should be reflected in the people, that, make deliveries on your behalf. The couriers themselves should be smart, collar and tie for example, polite, and happy to be of service. These drivers represent you and your business, making the correct choice of courier is as important as choosing the staff who work directly for you.


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