As one of the oldest nations in the world, Germany has a rich cultural history. And while you can find out about much of Germany’s history on German translation sites and in German travel guides, there is no way to really experience Germany in all of its glory by traveling to Germany yourself. Germany is rich in cultural resources, particularly museums, in which you can find artifacts of Germany history from all eras of German culture. Although there seems to be a limitless supply of German museums, a few of them stand above the rest and provide a comprehensive, memorable German experience.

Pergamon Museum: Located in Berlin, the Pergamon Museum highlights art from across the Middle East. The Pergamon is a favorite museum in Germany and receives more than 850,000 visitors each year. The Pergamon comprises three collections: the museum of Islamic art, the museum of Middle Eastern art and the antiquity collection. The Pergamon opened in 1930, and in its 80 years of operation has amassed a truly enviable collection of paintings, jewelry and other artifacts that display the diversity of the Europe and the Middle East, from Germany to Greece.

Deutsches Museum: This museum, located in Munich, is the largest technology and science exhibition in the world. The Deutches Museum houses 28,000 objects and has exhibits that cover every era of scientific discovery, from prehistoric innovations to digital marketplaces imaging, space travel and beyond. In addition to seeing these technological marvels, you can experience them, as the Deutches Museum features many hands-on exhibits.

Lenbachhaus: Lenbachhaus is steeped in tradition, as the facility is housed in a villa built for painter Franz von Lenbach. Since the city of Munich acquired the property in the 1920s, Lenbachhaus has been expanded several times and is much-loved by Germans and tourists alike, as it houses the work of Munich’s finest painters. One highlight is the exhibition of works by the Munich Secession, a well-known German artists’ collective.

Hamburger Kunsthalle: This museum is considered to be the premier art museum of Northern Germany, and features local and international art. The art housed in Hamburger Kunsthalle spans from the 14th century to the 20th century, and contains art from Pablo Picasso, Max Liebermann and many other notable artists from Hamburg and beyond. The facility is located in Hamburg’s city center and is a short walk from the Central Station.

Gutenberg Museum: The Gutenberg Museum is unlike any other in the world, offering a definitive look at the history of publishing with printing equipment and publications from a variety of cultures. The Gutenberg Museum provides a comprehensive learning experience, as it features information on art, printing techniques, graphic design, and written language across the world. The Gutenberg Museum is located in Mainz, Germany.



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