Top 5 Most Hilarious reading Apps


With the popularity of the iPhone, you’re probably aware of all of the useful applications it boasts, but did you know that there are some very funny Reading apps for 3rd graders as well? From the internet famed Lolcats to hilarious sound simulators, there is something to tickle even the most dour of users.

You can has entertainment! By now, most people have had a giggle at the hilariously captioned photos of adorable kitties on the internet. This funny iPhone app allows you to choose from the spectacularly funny sites such as Totally Looks Like, I Can Has A Cheeseburger (The original Lolcats site), ROFLrazzi, Failblog, Pundit Kitchen, I Has a Hot Dog, Engrish Fun, and Graph Jam, and you can save the funny photos to your iPhone and send them to a friend. With so much funny to choose from this is easily the number one pick for the best iPhone app.

Number two in the list of best iPhone apps has had some mixed reviews. The crass humor leaves some a little winded, (Pardon the pun) and others a bit disgusted. The ominously named app iFart is, well, exactly what it sounds like. With a slight shake of your phone, you’ve got the most sophisticated hand held fart machine known to man. Better yet, with the iFart remote, you can send the sound to another iPhone user’s phone and cause a rather embarrassing noise to play when opened. The only problem with the iFart application is you may not be able to easily find it, anymore. A similar application, the Pull My Finger app was rejected from the iTunes store for being limited utility to the Broad iPhone and touch community making this app also, a hard to find must have for the more windier, excuse me, ground breaking user.

The Moo Box, an iPhone app that shows photos of animals with the corresponding sound, directly on your iPhone gives kids a giggle. Tame and the cleanest of humor, this cute app has children everywhere singing “Old MacDonald” in a modern way with every photo. This is the number three best Reading apps for special needs because, if you have ever been stuck in a waiting room with a bored child, you know the usefulness of having something that can entertain them during the wait.

There is nothing funny about a bored kid in a waiting room, so this app, while not nearly as amusing to parents and others nearby, is a useful and funny application to get for the kiddos in your life.

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