There are not too many people who have experience with a drug rehab center, and thus they have a pretty inaccurate picture of what is actually happening inside of one on a day to day basis.

You see, it is no surprise that Hollywood has tried to exploit the idea of a drug rehab center incorrectly, just as they have tried to exploit the premise of doing a lot of drugs and nothing going wrong.

Sure, there are exceptions in a lot of films where people die of a drug overdose, or their life trails away and fades due to the risk of drugs. But, more often than naught, audiences are treated to depictions of drugs california rehab center and debauchery where everything turns up okay, and the crazy individual still gets praised no matter who they hurt.

The truth of a drug addict often looks more like this: Lose your possessions, lose your friends, lose your mind. It’s just that the painful attributes of addiction, if repeated over and over on screen do not sell tickets so well.

Well, what does go on then, if movies are so far off base?

To be honest, it is not the difference of what as it is the difference of how.

For instance, during the detox stage of rehab, one spends painstaking hours in sweats, feeling as if their heart is about to burst. They throw up repeatedly until there is nothing left inside themselves but hollow hunger pangs. This last for hours on end, and a movie generally shows a thirty second clip of the viscera and moves on. It is far more intense, and appears far more life threatening in real life. On top of that movies always show therapy in stages, the entertaining ones, and, again, not the hours on end that people spend awkwardly admitting what they have done and working at relationships. A lot of times in rehab, movies make it seem like everyone is instantly one big family. We are sorry to say that is just not accurate to what happens.

The truth of the matter is that addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease and should not be seen otherwise. Sure, someone who has lived through an addiction is certain to have made their fair share of enemies, and having projected a lot of wrong doing onto others. However, if those others do not come to terms with the fact that individual was battling a demon they couldn’t control and living a life they could not realize, they may miss out on the recovery of a dear friend.


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