The aviator sunglass also known as “pilot shades” are one of the most popular style of sunglasses around, just look on the pages of any fashion magazine or on your favorite celebrity and you are sure to see some very cool looking aviators. This style of sunglasses has been popular since the 1960’s, but they became even more popular during the 1980’s due to their appearance in the movie Top Gun. You probably even own a pair of these famous aviator sunglasses, but do you know the intriguing history of this classic and timeless sunglass style?

Aviators were first developed by Ray Ban. Ray Ban was the original designer and manufacturer of these type of off white sunglasses. Aviators are characterized by dark reflective lens, metal frames and wire paddles that hook behind the ears. This style first became popular during the Second World War, they were designed for fighter pilots to protect their eyes from the blazing sun and enemy bombing. The large aviator sunglass lens bulges out slightly so it will cover the complete eye and prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye at all angles. Due to this need Ray Ban’s design team came up with the aviator design which met the needs of the fighter pilots while also making a fashion statement, fashion and function, what more could you ask for?

Aviators increased in popularity when General Douglas Mac Arthur landed in the Philippines during World War II. Photographers snapped pictures several pictures of General Mac Arthur wearing aviator sunglasses. These pictures landed in numerous newspapers and they were an instant hit with Americans everywhere. Since aviator sunglasses came on the scene, the design has pretty much remained the same and they are still issued with the uniforms given to military pilots.

One interesting fact about aviator sunglasses is that in 1937 the general public was banned from wearing them. Throughout the years numerous companies tried to make their own version of the aviator sunglass, but none have ever been as popular as the classic aviator designed by Ray Ban. While these sunglasses are definitely a pilots’ must have accessory, the aviator is also very popular with the police and other law enforcement officers.

No longer just meant for the military and law enforcement the aviator sunglass has made it to fashion mainstream. Aviator sunglasses come in many colors, styles and designs. So make a fashion statement with your own pair of aviator sunglasses and get ready to turn heads with this timeless and classic sunglass style.



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