The Beautiful and Ugly Side of Web Development Services


Offshore web development services have taken the WWW with storm. Their extended support and advanced technology at reasonable costs have made everybody to drop in and hire them for their web developing needs.

However, like anything on this planet offshore webdeveloper services has two sides of coin. One the goody good and the other not so good. First, the good things about web development services.

1) Costs: They are cost effective. A research revealed that most of the offshore services providers get business on the base of costs. Everything comes secondary. You can reduce your operations costs by more than half. They manage the costs of development and moreover, you do not have to hire in-house developers and invest time in setting up infrastructure. You reduce your overhead costs like hiring, recruiting, pension, P.F, and salaries as well.

2) Efficiency: Efficiency can be referred as secondary cornerstone of BPOs providing web development solutions. They develop fully dedicated software, software application development, implement maintenance and software testing so that your work-flow will be managed and your business run smooth. Their advanced technology, better management and expert developers add glitters to the gold.

3) Expertise: The offshore web developers have experience varied domains and programming language. Generally their applications are based on Open source language which means you have to just pay the development costs and you are spared from any kind of infrastructure costs from the roots. Providing start to finish and basic to complicated software solutions to the various industry verticals like publishing, Telecom, finance, real estate, insurance, retail etc, the spectrum of outsourcing services involve Custom Application/ Software Development Outsourcing, Offshore website development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Application Integration.

Their area of expertise include but may not be necessarily limited to:
A) Mobile Application Development
B) .Net and PHP Development
C) Linux Programming,
D) Flash,
E) Web designing
F) Internet marketing.
G) Applications development, product support, infrastructure and BPO services

4) Technical Assistance: With a geographical factors on their side, the offshore services providers are known for their online, offsite and onsite support and real time assistance. Working on weekends, in nights and on days, they are available 24/7 around the clock. This thing make US and UK based companies really tick and outsource their work.

Now, the cons or bad side of hiring an offshore partner for your business’ web development services.Their cost effectiveness can be a trap as well. You never know what would be compromised in lieu of prices? Would it be quality or the outcome? A deadline or some thing else.

The Solution: The cons can be done away with easily. A complete analysis before hiring your vendor will be the right thing to do. Read between the lines before you sign the contract and state clearly what would you want and what would be paid.


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