Summer Corporate Events Opportunities in Utah


Utah is known for its diverse landscapes, from stunning red rock formations to snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, World-class outdoor recreation opportunities, and vibrant urban areas. With various activities and venues available, Utah is the perfect place to host a summer corporate event that will leave a lasting impression on attendees.

This article will explore some of Utah’s top summer corporate events opportunities, venues, and provide tips for planning a successful event.

Some Popular Events Held In Utah In Summer:

Park City Utah

Utah is a state in the western United States that offers a variety of events and activities during the summer months. Some popular events that take place in Utah during the summer include:

  1. Sundance Film Festival – Each January, the Sundance Film Festival takes place in Park City, Utah. It is one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States and attracts filmmakers and movie enthusiasts from around the world.
  2. Utah Arts Festival – The Utah Arts Festival is held in Salt Lake City each June and features a wide range of performances and exhibits from artists in various disciplines, including music, theater, dance, and visual arts.
  3. Utah Shakespeare Festival – The Utah Shakespeare Festival takes place in Cedar City each summer and features a variety of plays and performances by the renowned playwright William Shakespeare, as well as other classic and contemporary works.
  4. Utah Pride Festival – Each June, the Utah Pride Festival is held in Salt Lake City and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community with a parade, performances, and other events.
  5. Pioneer Day – Pioneer Day is a state holiday in Utah that commemorates the arrival of the first Mormon pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. It is celebrated with parades, fireworks, and other festivities throughout the state.
  6. Park City Kimball Arts Festival – The Park City Kimball Arts Festival is held in Park City each August and features a variety of art exhibits, music performances, and other cultural events.
  7. Moab Music Festival – The Moab Music Festival takes place in Moab each September and features a variety of classical music performances set against the stunning backdrop of the Moab desert.


These are just a few of the many popular events that take place in Utah during the summer months. Whether you’re interested in film, art, music, or history, there is sure to be an event that will capture your interest and help you make the most of your summer in Utah.

Now let’s discuss some corporate events opportunities in Utah in the summer.

Corporate Events Activities In Utah:

DeJoria Center Trade Show in the Arena

Utah is the perfect destination for summer corporate events, offering a range of activities and attractions that are sure to impress your team. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or indoor activities, Utah has it all. Here are just a few of the opportunities available for summer corporate events in Utah:

Outdoor Adventures

High Star Ranch Trail Riding

Outdoor adventures are a fantastic activity for corporate events in Utah. With its stunning natural beauty, Utah offers a wide range of outdoor activities that can help promote team building, boost morale, and foster a sense of camaraderie among employees.

Some of the most popular outdoor adventure activities for corporate events in Utah include guided tours, rafting trips, hot air balloon rides, hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing. These activities offer a unique and thrilling experience for employees, and they also encourage teamwork and communication in a fun and engaging way.

Guided Tours:

They are a great way for your team to explore Utah’s natural wonders while learning about the area’s history and culture. A tour guide can provide insight and information that will deepen your team’s appreciation of the environment, while also promoting communication and teamwork as participants explore the area together.

Rafting Trips:

Rafting trips are another exciting team-building activity that requires cooperation and communication among team members to navigate the rapids successfully. With numerous rivers and canyons throughout the state, Utah offers a variety of rafting experiences that cater to all levels of experience.

Hot Air Balloons:

Hot air balloon rides provide a unique and thrilling way to take in Utah’s breathtaking scenery. As the team floats over the landscape, they can bond and communicate while enjoying the awe-inspiring views.

Hiking & Motorbiking:

Hiking and mountain biking are popular activities in Utah that offer an opportunity for your team to explore the state’s beautiful natural scenery while getting some exercise. These activities require teamwork and communication as participants navigate the trails and help each other along the way.

Fly Fishing:

Finally, fly fishing is a relaxing and rewarding activity that promotes patience, focus, and communication. Teams can bond over the shared experience of casting a line and catching fish, while also enjoying the peaceful surroundings of Utah’s rivers and streams.

Indoor Activities:

High Star Ranch is the Perfect Holiday and New Years Company Party Location

While Utah is known for its stunning outdoor activities, it also offers a range of indoor corporate activities that are perfect for team-building. These activities provide a unique and engaging way to bond with colleagues while staying indoors, making them a great option for groups who prefer to avoid the outdoors.

Escape Room:

One popular indoor activity is escape rooms, which challenge teams to solve puzzles and riddles to escape a themed room before time runs out. These activities encourage communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills as participants work together to escape.

Cooking Classes:

Another option is cooking classes, which allow teams to learn new recipes and cooking techniques while bonding over a shared love of food. These classes encourage collaboration and communication as participants work together to create a delicious meal.

Art & Craft:

For a more creative approach, Utah offers a variety of art classes, such as painting, pottery, and sculpture. These classes provide a fun and engaging way for teams to explore their artistic side while building relationships and promoting communication.

Other indoor activities in Utah include laser tag, bowling, virtual reality experiences, and game nights. These activities provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for teams to bond while engaging in friendly competition.

Team Building Activities:

Rhodes Valley Outfitters Horse Meditation on High Star Ranch

Utah is a hub for team-building activities that offer a unique and thrilling way to bring your team closer together, that offers a unique and exciting way to bring your team closer together. From thrilling outdoor adventures to creative workshops, Utah has something for everyone when it comes to team-building.

Rock climbing: One popular activity is rock climbing, which challenges participants physically and mentally while promoting trust and teamwork. With numerous locations throughout the state, Utah offers a variety of rock climbing experiences for all levels of experience.

River rafting: Another exciting option is river rafting, which requires teamwork and communication to navigate the rapids successfully. This activity is perfect for building trust among team members as participants must rely on each other to safely navigate the river.

Outdoor activities: Utah also offers a range of outdoor activities as we mentioned above such as hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding, providing a fun and active way to bond with colleagues. These activities are a great way to promote team-building as they require collaboration, communication, and support among team members.

Workshops and classes: For a more creative and laid-back approach to team-building, Utah offers a variety of workshops and classes, such as pottery, painting, and cooking. These classes are a fun way to unwind and bond with colleagues outside of the office, while also developing new skills together.

Culinary Experiences – Utah is known for its diverse cuisine, and companies can plan culinary experiences for their employees, such as cooking classes or team-building challenges in local restaurants.

Utah’s culinary scene is also worth exploring during a corporate event. Salt Lake City is home to numerous farm-to-table restaurants, such as Forage, Pago, and Finca that highlight local ingredients and flavors. The State Road Tavern also has a good variety of different types of foods, you will definitely have an amazing dining experience.

The city also has a thriving craft beer scene, with breweries such as Uinta Brewing, Epic Brewing, and Red Rock Brewing.

Utah has a thriving culinary scene that is sure to impress even the most discerning foodies. Utah has something for everyone, from farm-to-table restaurants to craft breweries and wineries.

Food And Drink Tours:

State Road Tavern Burger

One popular option for corporate events is to plan a food and drink tour, which can include stops at local restaurants, breweries, and wineries. This can be a great way to showcase Utah’s culinary offerings while providing attendees a unique and memorable experience.

For those who prefer a more formal dining experience, Utah has many high-end restaurants perfect for corporate dinners or receptions. Some popular options include The Rest in Provo, The Mariposa in Deer Valley, and Valter’s Osteria in Salt Lake City.

Overall, Utah offers a diverse range of team-building activities that cater to all interests and skill levels. These activities promote collaboration, communication, and trust among team members, creating a positive and cohesive work environment. So if you’re looking for a unique and memorable team-building experience, Utah is the perfect destination.

Golf Tournaments:

Utah Golfing

Golf tournaments are a popular corporate activity in Utah. With its breathtaking mountain views and world-class golf courses, Utah is an ideal location for corporate golf tournaments. Many of the golf courses in Utah offer a challenging and rewarding golfing experience, making it an excellent way for employees to unwind and bond over a common interest.

Corporate golf tournaments can be a great way to foster team building, promote networking, and encourage healthy competition among employees. It’s a great opportunity for employees to step out of the office and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine while also building relationships with coworkers and clients.

Utah is home to many championship golf courses, such as the Park City Golf Club and the Soldier Hollow Golf Course. These courses are equipped with top-notch amenities, including clubhouses, pro shops, and practice facilities, making them ideal for corporate golf tournaments.

In addition to the golf course itself, companies can also organize other activities and events around the tournament, such as dinners, receptions, and awards ceremonies. These events can be held at the golf course or at one of Utah’s many world-class resorts.

Perfect Venues For Corporate Events Opportunities:

For those who prefer a more leisurely outdoor experience, Utah is home to many outdoor adventure parks that offer a variety of activities for corporate events, such as the Adventure Park in Park City or the Alpine Coaster in the Canyons Village, and the Dejoria Center on High Star Ranch. They offer activities that can help build teamwork, communication, and trust among employees.

For those looking for a more secluded and rustic experience, Utah’s national parks, such as Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches, offer unparalleled natural beauty and adventurous outdoor activities. These parks offer a unique opportunity for corporate events to take place in the great outdoors, allowing employees to connect with nature and each other in a meaningful way.

Let’s explore more;

Dejoria Center:

Experience Luxury and Style at the DeJoria Center

Get ready to take your corporate event to the next level! DeJoria Center is the ultimate destination for indoor and outdoor activities that will have your team bonding and building relationships in no time. Set against the stunning backdrop of Utah’s natural landscape, DeJoria Center provides the perfect setting for a range of exciting outdoor team-building activities, including guided tours, hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing. Your team will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Utah while also working together to achieve common goals.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! DeJoria Center also offers a variety of indoor team-building activities that promote collaboration and communication. Get your team working together in a fun and relaxed environment with activities such as cooking classes, art classes, game nights, and other creative team-building experiences

No matter the size of your event, DeJoria Center has you covered with state-of-the-art meeting spaces that can accommodate everything from small team meetings to large conferences and corporate retreats. Plus, the facilities are equipped with the latest technology and amenities, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and professionally.

Don’t worry about a thing because the experienced staff at DeJoria Center is on hand to provide support and assistance throughout your event, guaranteeing that your team has a seamless and enjoyable experience.

So why wait? Book your next corporate event at DeJoria Center and give your team an unforgettable experience they won’t forget!

Park City Resorts

Park City, Utah is a premier destination for corporate events, and it’s not hard to see why. Park City is an ideal destination for corporate events, offering stunning mountain vistas, top-notch resorts, and outstanding facilities for meetings, team-building activities, conferences, and retreats.

Park City is home to a variety of resorts that cater to corporate events, offering everything from luxurious accommodations to state-of-the-art meeting spaces. The resorts in Park City are equipped with modern amenities, including high-speed internet, audiovisual equipment, and on-site catering, ensuring that companies have everything they need to make their event a success.

One of the standout features of Park City’s resorts is surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains, these resorts offer a picturesque backdrop that is sure to impress attendees and create a memorable experience. Imagine waking up to the serene view of snow-capped peaks or holding a meeting while overlooking the beautiful natural scenery – it’s the perfect setting for productive and inspiring work sessions.

The resorts in Park City also offer a variety of team-building activities, such as golfing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking. These activities provide an excellent opportunity for employees to bond, build trust, and work together in a relaxed and fun environment. After a long day of meetings or activities, employees can unwind in one of the many spas, fitness centers, or restaurants available on-site.

In addition to the resorts, Park City offers a vibrant downtown area with a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Companies can plan team-building activities, such as scavenger hunts or food tours that allow employees to explore and connect with the local community.

Sundance Mountain Resort:

They offer the perfect combination of breathtaking natural beauty and top-notch amenities to make your corporate activities a huge success. With over 5,000 acres of pristine wilderness to explore, your team can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and horseback riding, all while bonding and building strong relationships.

But that’s not all – Sundance Mountain Resort also boasts state-of-the-art meeting facilities, complete with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and a team of dedicated staff to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Whether you’re planning a small team-building workshop or a large-scale conference, this venue has everything you need to make it a success.

In the summer months, your team can explore over 5,000 acres of pristine wilderness on horseback rides, ATV tours, mountain biking adventures, or guided hikes. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll or a challenging climb, the trails around Sundance offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making for a truly memorable experience.

For the adrenaline junkies in your group, Sundance also offers a range of thrilling activities, such as zip-lining at the resort’s ropes course. These activities are perfect for team-building exercises that promote trust, communication, and collaboration.

And when the day’s activities are done, your team can relax and unwind in luxurious accommodations, from cozy cabins to spacious suites. Plus, with gourmet dining options featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients, your team can indulge in delicious meals and drinks while enjoying the spectacular mountain views.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next corporate event at Sundance Mountain Resort and experience the ultimate in natural beauty, luxury, and team-building activities. Your team will thank you for it!

Tips For Planning A Successful Summer Corporate Event In Utah

When planning a summer corporate event in Utah, it’s important to keep a few key tips in mind:

  • Start early: Summer is a popular time for corporate events in Utah, so it’s important to start planning early to ensure you can secure the venues and activities you want.
  • Consider transportation: Many of Utah’s outdoor activities and venues are located outside major urban areas, so planning for transportation to and from these locations is important.
  • Be flexible: Utah’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to have backup plans in case of rain or other inclement weather.
  • Consider sustainability: Utah is known for its commitment to sustainability, so consider incorporating eco-friendly practices into your event planning, such as using reusable plates and utensils and providing recycling bins.


In conclusion, Utah offers many summer corporate events opportunities, from outdoor activities and indoor venues to food and drink tours. By keeping these tips in mind and carefully planning your event, you can create a memorable and successful experience for your attendees.

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