Small Business Success: How Do You Talk To Yourself?


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Small Business Success and Self-Association

Having a good self-association is critical to small business success. If you don’t feel good or relate well to yourself it is more difficult for others to lift you up. As a business owner it makes it more difficult to experience business success or growth if you don’t think well of yourself. How you think about yourself is reflected in many ways.

1. How do you look to others?
2. How do you relate to others?
3. How do you dress?
4. How do you behave?
5. How do you speak?
6. How is your performance?

All of these will have an impact on your success. You don’t have to be great in all these areas to have small business success and growth. But, it certainly helps.

Small Business Success: What Do You Say When You Talk To Yourself?

Years ago there was a book, What Do You Say When You Talk To Yourself?, written by Dr. Shad Helmstetter. In actual studies on self-talk you can track a person’s performance. The book provides ways to improve your self-talk and performance. I have used it myself and seen the results. It has helped me experience small business success. As a personal business coach one of the areas I collaborate with self-employed entrepreneurs and solo professionals on is their self-talk.

What makes self-talk very important in our success? Our self-talk reflects our attitude about ourselves in various areas of life. As Zig Ziglar said, “Your attitude will reflect your altitude.” Yes, how we associate with ourselves in how we talk to ourselves is critical in business success.

In fact, it is critical for something much bigger than success. It is essential for happiness. Have you ever known someone who is well off financially and experienced small business success, but is unhappy? Or have you known someone who is physically fit but unhappy? Of course we have. In many cases that unhappiness comes from their self-talk.

The Self-Talk Of The Successful Business Owner
One of the traits of most successful small business owners is having good self-talk. They see challenges as opportunities for on site personal development training. They have a problem and they choose to grow and get bigger than the problem. Their self-talk is telling them they are going to be successful

When they make a mistake they don’t dwell on it and put themselves down. Their self-talk is that this is part of the learning process to achieving small business success. They tell themselves they are becoming a better person.

Whether you are a start up with a start up business plan, or a business owner running a small business your self-talk determines how you feel about yourself, your business and your life. You may take a small business course online or a business training course. But, without the good self-talk what you hope to accomplish in terms of your expectations can fall short in reality. Yes, self-talk is critical to business success. As a business owner you must be aware of the words you are using on yourself. The words you use are like clothing. Are you dressing yourself for small business success? Is your self-talk positive? Is it encouraging? Is it action oriented?

Regular talk is cheap. Good self-talk is priceless. With it you will have a good self-association and will be on track to have the small business success and the happiness you desire.


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