Should you vape or smoke?


Smoking a single cigarette may contain up to 4000 chemicals, and as many as 43 of these chemicals are known carcinogens. Vape juice only contains nicotine (if you choose) as well as a combination of VG and PG. The food-grade ingredients are all cleared as safe for consumption and the water contained in the juice is only designed to produce a better vapor. Vaping is entirely safe and produces less long term effects when it comes to cancer whereas smoking has been proven to be a direct cause of cancer. While the long term cardiovascular health effects of vaping have not been studied, early results suggest that Vape Online can help people quit smoking 30% more effectively than other methods.

Why does vape juice make me cough?

An e-liquid can on occasion make a person cough especially when they first start using a vaporizer. Some of the top reasons for a coughing sensation is that a vape may be set too high, a high nicotine percentage in the e-liquid could be causing the issue, or a person may have a sensitivity to PG e-liquid.

We know that vaping is controversial. Many people haven’t tried it because it is. We believe that sharing hard facts about vape juice is the secret to demystifying this type of liquid, which allows e-cigarettes to produce a lot of thick, rich water vapor. Also check it out our E Juice Connect discount voucher

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