Protect Your Garden From Pest Birds With Garden Bird Netting


Spring is here and it is time to get started plant support net that garden. We spend hours pulling the weeds of winter, tilling the soil and planting the seeds. But before a plant can grow or vegetables mature, the birds have made a feast of the garden. Each year home gardeners search their local garden supply store for products to keep those pest birds away, but to no avail. This year try using garden bird netting to keep your plants safe.

Garden bird netting is a strong yet lightweight plastic bird netting. It comes in rolls of 14 feet wide by 100 to 200 feet long. The netting is made with UV protection to keep the net strong enough to repel the pest birds throughout the planting season. The netting is not only ideal for use in gardens but also on fruit trees.

How to Use Garden Bird Netting

1. In Vegetable Gardens – as soon as the plants begin to grow, cover them with bird netting. Use garden stakes around the perimeter of the garden and drape the netting over them. This makes it impossible for the birds to get through to your plants. As the plants grow you can simply move the netting up the garden stakes. It is also easy to water the plants right through the netting, as the mesh size is from 1/4″ to 1/2″.

2. In Fruit Trees – in the spring when the fruit is beginning to grow on the trees, drape garden bird netting over the tops of the trees. For large trees, more than one piece of netting may be required. It is easy to “sew” together several rolls of netting together by using a twine and run it in and out of the mesh holes of the two pieces of netting.

3. Under the Eaves of Homes – often times in the spring birds are looking for ideal nesting spots. Unfortunately that often is under the eave of your home. Swallows love to build their mud nests in the shady portion of your home under the eaves. Sparrows also like to build nests in the attic vent holes of your home and woodpeckers love to peck away at the wood or even stucco sides of your home. Attaching garden bird netting to the underside of the eave of a home and letting it drape will make it difficult for the birds to get to these ideal nesting spots.

It is important to understand that pest birds such as sparrows, swallows, woodpecker and of course pigeons can not only ruin your garden or home, but they are a health hazard. Pest birds can carry more than 60 known transmittable diseases. The nests and debris they leave behind can carry mites and fleas that can be harmful to backyard pets and people with asthma. Bird feces not only carry disease, but also can be a slip and fall hazard. It is recommended that garden bird netting should be installed before the birds arrive to your home and backyard.

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