How to Prepare Your Lawn Now to be Summer-Ready!

Leave the struggles of keeping your lawn green all year behind. Start preparing your lawn now for those tough summer months when the true strength of your lawn will really show. It is time to make your lawn great again!

We all know everyone wishes that they could have a lush green lawn all year long. Then midsummer rolls around and your grass fights a losing battle to the intense heat and lack of rain.

Your grass then begins to fade from green to brown and you wonder what you could have done to better prepare your lawn for the year ahead. Follow these lawn care treatment tips and you will be on your way to having a stronger, fuller lawn that will stay green even in the dog days of Summer!

Lawn Maintenance Tip #1: Dethatch

Thatch is a thick layer of organic matter that accumulates at the base of grasses. In order to give the roots of your lawn room to breathe and grow, remove excess thatch buildup through dethatching.

This process also allows for fertilizers hardscaping contractor to be better received by the roots of the grass since the fertilizer can come in direct contact with the soil at the base of the grass rather than sitting on top of the thatch layer.

Lawn Maintenance Tip #2: Aerate

Everytime your lawn sees foot traffic or the lawnmower, the soil becomes more and more compacted. Excessive compaction reduces the airspace required for healthy soil to function and for plants to optimally grow, causing thin, stressed turf that is susceptible to weeds, diseases and pests.

In order to remedy this problem, Land Design Associates offers aeration as part of its lawncare-maintenance services throughout Norfolk County, which pulls plugs from your lawn to open up airspace for the lawn’s roots.

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