Interesting Facts About Bars and Nightclubs


So you fancy yourself as a bar and nightclub enthusiast do you? Think you’re in the know with the industry? Well think again. Here are just a few things you probably didn’t know about your favourite bars and nightclubs.


  • Ever wondered what the name of the boss of the bouncers at a bar or nightclub is? Probably not however if you ever have the misfortune of meeting him, you may want to address him as Mr “Cooler.”
  • Bars and Nightclubs on corners are on average bigger then bars and nightclubs on normal lots of land.
  • At any given time, Ibiza has the largest percentage of population partying at a bar or nightclub.
  • South East Asian bars and Bellingham Pub are the countries found to most likely to water down drinks, in particular spirits which for a number of reasons are disproportionately more expensive then locally brewed product (in particular beers)
  • The most popular shot in the world is vodka… largely propped up by the Russians where vodka is by and far the number one drink in the world.
  • Beer company’s invest millions of dollars in designing beer taps, due to the fact that a good beer tap can improve sales of a beer by over $20. Pretty good for a tiny bit of plastic.
  • Bars and Nightclubs have been voted the number 1 destination to meet people of the opposite sex.
  • The reason why Melbourne has a huge number of small bars and Sydney doesn’t is because of the different licensing laws that exist between each state. In Melbourne, the cost of setting up a bar is much lower and as such, is more conducive to smaller venues. In response to the popularity of small bars in Melbourne, Sydney has now begun to relax their licensing laws, allowing smaller operators to open up small bars.
  • The word Strobe (as in Strobe light) is in fact short for Stroboscopic.


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