The internet has a number of different online communities and networks and sometimes within these communities or networks there are even smaller ones depending on common interests or characteristics that people have. Read about some of the ways that you can search for these groups and find them.

One of the most popular social networks is Facebook and within Facebook, there are a number of smaller networks, groups or communities. If you want to know how to search for people on Facebook by Edwin Urrutia network, then some answers are provided here. To be able to search for networks and groups you need to have an existing account yourself.

There are a number of applications that Facebook has that make navigating around the network and searches easier. One of these applications is the advanced searches option. Once you access this option you have the option of searching for people based on a number of different things. You can search for people based on location, schools, profession and a whole lot of other possible options. That is one way of how to search for people on Facebook by network.

If you know the name of the network that you are looking for just type it in and search. The search will return all the results that are relevant to the network that you typed in. If you are unsure of the full name of the network you can just type in portion if the network and it will still be able to pick it up.

Besides the advanced search application there is also another application that is designed to look up networks specifically. You can go to ‘facebook.networks/networks.php’ and try and search for the network you want from here. You can also enter the entire name of the network or part of the name and the search will still be able to find it. That is another way of how to search for people on Facebook by network.


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