How to Break In a Baseball Hat


There is a neat little trick I’ve found when it comes to breaking in your baseball hat. It’s a very simple process and only applies to hats that are adjustable MLB team baseball hats as opposed to fitted hats. Baseball hats are often times very stiff and ridged when they’re brand new and there is two different ways to break them in so they look better and fit your head like they’re supposed to. The best way to break a hat in is the same way you would break in a pair of new shoes… wear it. You can wear it in the car or at home until the material starts to mold to your head. This way, although the most effective, isn’t really the quickest way to break in your new hat. This leaves me with the quicker, yet still effective, way to break it in without wearing it. It’s really easy, here are the steps:

1. Adjust the hat to its biggest setting ( or at least on the bigger side, it doesn’t have to be the biggest per say but you get the idea)

2. Fold the bill of your down so the right and left side of the hat’s bill are touching one another.

3. Keeping the sides together, tuck the bill inside the hat and through the space or hole that is above the hat’s adjusting band.

Once the bill is poking through that hole your hat should look as though it is folded in on itself. So the last step is to leave it like this all day or overnight then undo it and put it on for a little while (30 min or so) then take it off. Repeat this process for a week or until you like the way your hat fits you. The more time you spend wearing your hat in-between folding it up, the better. Another thing you can use this for is for when you have to pack for a trip and want to bring a hat with you, just fold it up how I just explained and it won’t get bent out of shape.


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