Google Cardboard Virtual Reality VR Box For 3D Gaming And IMax Movies


These are google cardboard vr 2 0 with large lenses used for vriltual reality gaming and imax movies material is cardboard for mantainig the price low but the lenses are high quality that compete any other 3d glasses 2 pieces available these are brandnew vr and the price is wholesale for 2 0 for more details contact me

*Support for all iPhones have been added. Please check the screen size of your iPhone and the headset before making your purchase. Take care to download the application on your iPhone before you start to use it in your VR headset.*

Before choosing your cardboard vr box, it is very important that you thoroughly inspect the dimensions of your smartphone. Failure to do so will definitely create size compatibility issues for the device and headset, which is other words, means that your smartphone will not be able to fit properly inside the headset.

Furthermore, experiencing Virtual Reality will require your Android handset to be running Android 4.1 update or higher. Running an older version will prevent the application from running on your smartphone.

Take your smartphone movie viewing and gaming experience to the next stage: Virtual Reality

If watching the same old movies and playing games in a boring fashion has drained the life out of you, then prepare for to deliver something that will literally knock your socks off. Virtual Reality is the next stage of content viewing and gaming and here at, we are offering you something that others are not; an affordable VR headset. We are proud to introduce our bytes VR lite, a virtual reality headset that will easily accommodate your phablet sized mobile device and augment your smartphone experience in a way that you could have never imagined before. Get ready to give your content viewing and gaming experience the steroid boost that it so greatly needs.

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