Everybody in this world would like to save money on their energy bills. But most people lack some good advice and tips on how to actually save money on those monthly bills.

I will review a couple of simple ways that do save you some money if you follow the advice constantly.

Also I will briefly talk about renewable energy and free energy.

So what is available today to save you some money?
Here are some suggestions that are easy to implement:

  • a)Connect timer devices to most of your lights in the house
  • b)Ask your current energy provider if they have a free advice package on how to save money (most do)
  • c)Use candles, that’s inexpensive and also romantic

a) Timer devices are not too expensive (you’ll buy one already for $25) but very efficient. You can set the timer for the lights to come on and go off, that is a great way to save some money on your electrical bill.
b) Another way to save money is to consult your Reliant Energy plans  provider, most energy providers have a package to help you save money and use your energy more sufficiently. This should be free advice for you, it usually includes tips on how to prevent drafts on doors and windows, maintenance of heaters so they run more efficiently etc.
c) This is something more of a personal advice, I like candles better then electrical light and it creates a nice romantic atmosphere in your house, when used it will certainly save you some money!

renewable energy

Some renewable forms of energy are, wind and solar energy. A wind mill is actually not that hard to build but you have to connect it to a turbine which creates the energy . You can buy complete sets at some ware house stores or online..but that will cost you more then a thousand dollars. You can consider this when there is enough wind throughout the year where you live, cause eventually this is a form or renewable energy that does not take anything else then the wind and will save you money. Solar energy is more popular these days, as it is not too difficult to build a solar panel, enough tutorials and handbooks for sale and if you check on the internet you’ll probably find a lot examples on how to build one from people who share their findings and how they build a solar panel, again this is renewable energy where you need nothing more then the sun,not a good idea when you live in an area with hardly any sunshine,but still a very good alternative, if you are looking to lower your energy bill. Solar panel energy can be used to charge batteries, or even your laptop. When you require more energy from your solar panels, you need to have a lot more to be able to create the amount of energy that you use on a daily basis.

Free energy

Is free energy even possible you might ask? According to a not so well known scientist Tesla, who lived in the 19/20th century, it is. I am not very technical myself but the principle makes a lot of sense. This principle is based on magnetic energy, or zero point magnetic power. Recently I stumbled upon information about a a zero point magnetic power generator, or the Free Electricity Generator which can be used at home and once turned on, runs by it self thus creating free energy, it is fairly easy and cheap (about $120) to build it yourself too!. This is information that the energy and oil companies do not want people to know about!

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