If you ask anyone what the best way to visually preserve a memory is, they may immediately think of a photo. While it is true that a photo can preserve a memory, that does not mean it is the best or most creative way to do it. Think of your favorite photo in your album. It may be your favorite because of the memories that it holds. Looking at that photo can cause all of the feelings that go along with that memory to suddenly come rushing back to you. A photo can be a nice reminder of the past, but it could be so much more. Why not get a work of art made from the photo?

Imagine your memory recreated on a canvas in rich portrait from photo captivating watercolors, subtle strokes of a pencil, or vibrant and detailed sketching of colored pencils. Getting a fine work of art from a photo can do your memory more justice than just a photo. A professional and experienced fine artist will have no trouble creating a masterful work of art from a photo of yours. Besides being more thoughtful and interesting than a photo, a hand crafted work of art also has a lot more creative possibilities than a photo ever could.

You can take that memory and have it altered to your liking. Brighten the colors of an old photo, remove an object that draws attention away from the subject, or combine many photos into one collage painting. A photo is nice, but you can’t do anything to a picture printed out on paper. Because a fine artist is custom making a work of art from a photo that you have chosen, you can have them add a splash of imagination here and a touch of creativity there.

You probably have a whole album of photos that you hardly ever look at just sitting on a bookshelf gathering dust. Having your photo transferred onto a canvas by a professional fine artist also offers more decorative options. You can have a painting or a sketch that you will be proud to hang up on your wall for you and other to admire whenever you would like. You will be able to take a trip to the past every time you walk by your painting as opposed to pulling out the old, dusty photo album every now and then.

A beautiful work of art that was hand crafted from a photo of your choosing is something that everyone can enjoy. A painting or sketch of an old photo of you and your childhood friend would make a very nice and very thoughtful gift to that old friend. Anything from a graduation to a family portrait can be beautifully worked onto a canvas in great detail. Being able to see a moment from long ago will bring back more memories than just talking about it. Seeing your memory stretched across a canvas in vivid detail will make that much more special. A picture is something to be remembered. A painting is something to be admired.



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