DVD Burners – A Short Buying Guide


DVD burners can be quite the life savers if you have to manage a lot of personal data. Therefore, you have a wide selection to choose from. However, you have to make wise and informed choices when buying a burner. This is because there are different types and only the best will give you satisfaction in the long run. There are also funny names associated with DVD burners including DVD drives, Bluray, Lightscribe and Dual Layer. When buying a latest dvds, it is imperative to keep in mind a number of factors including dual layer, speed and compatibility among others.

Speed is an important factor to keep in mind when buying a DVD burner. You will realize that a wide range of burners in the market burn CDs at 18x or even 20x. They are modern and highly functional. If you find anything less than 18x or 20x, do not purchase. This is because they are old models and burn CD’S at a very slow pace. It is good to note that for you to burn a CD ROM the speed of your burner should be 48x and for you to burn a dual layer efficiently, the speed is usually 4x. This means the speed gets faster every year based on advancement in technology.

Another essential factor to consider is dual layer burning capability when buying DVD burners. Look for dual layer disc burners as they efficiently burn two layers, giving you double the storage on a single DVD. Many people often consider a high DVD disc storage but at the end of the day, you will realize that it is costly. Dual layer discs are incredibly efficient and offers quality results and burns two layers comfortably compared to ordinary DVD-r/DVD+R.

It is additionally essential to consider a Lightscribe when buying DVD burners. This is a recent and highly advanced technology that allows you to burn label on DVDs. You can then design and print text and a wide range of graphics onto the surface of your disc. The technology allows for exceptional and professional look on your CDs. Therefore, you can always burn your discs and data more efficiently to save a great deal on time. However, it is essential that you get the burners and special discs for the task and rest assured of impressive results.

Similarly, it is imperative to consider Bluray when purchasing a burner for your discs. It is also one of the latest technologies that are custom made for disc burning, writing and copying. The disc fits 25 GB on one layer and up to 50 GB of your data. The technology also enables you to get quality discs because burners that feature the technology are high compatible, it reads and burns on both sides. For this reason, you can consider dual layers burners with Bluray technology. Such burners are efficient and enable you to make the most of your investment. Last but not least, look for burners that are of the best quality and with the best compatibility features. You can consider DVD-r and DVD+R burners because they are highly compatible with older types.


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