Do Open Houses Sell the Home You Have Listed?


Young woman handshaking with real estate agent after signing contract.

When we list a home we agree to market that home and marketing includes referrals, open houses, advertising, flyers, signs, mailers, internet marketing, previews and what other great ideas we can think of. It is not just one thing that sells a home. It sometimes is a combination of many things to get a home sold. We should incorporate open houses into our marketing plan to do a complete and thorough marketing of the property.

They are great opportunities for the listing agent when he holds a home open. Even if the property does not sell that particular day, there are some opportunities to pick up new clients. When visitors sign your guest book and you now have a contact to follow up with. You have a lead to work with either on this property or another similar property. Maybe you sell my house fast st.louis them the house you have listed, but you may sell them another property. Another benefit is that you can spread your signs all over town leading to your home and maybe nobody comes to your open house, but everyone sees your signs out there and they know you are working. People say to me, “I see your signs all over town.” One of the neighbors driving by may be thinking of listing their home and call you. Another advantage is that your sellers know you are working hard to market their home and they appreciate your time. When the listing comes up for renewal you have the opportunity of telling them about all the hard work you did.

The success of open houses depends on the time of the year, the weather and the curb appeal of the property. January through September is the best time for this type of marketing. If your property is priced well and shows really well, the chance of selling during an open house increases. You will get possible buyers into properties that they normally would not have visited. It is easy to walk into a house, but a buyer may think twice about calling a realtor to show the property to them and having that realtor call them for the next 3 months.

When neighbors visit the property they will be observing the agent on duty. If they are impressed the chances of that agent getting their listing increases. It is nice when the agent has small give always like water, key chains, pens or notepads. This creates a good feeling of warmth for the neighbor feeling that they get something for free and would like to have this agent in their home.

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