Different Types of Girdles for Women


Girdles for women today are very different from the products offered a hundred years ago. In centuries past a girdle was a large cumbersome garment that you stepped into. Once you were inside someone else would cinch up your garment and tuck you tightly inside. Women were actually known to pass out simply by putting a garment on. However, girdles for women today are made from products that offer comfort and shaping all in one easy-to-wear design boho womens tops. There are actually four different types of girdles available today. Consider these four options in your quest for slimmer thighs, shapely curves, or a flat tummy.

Panty Girdles

Panty girdles offer several options. These garments may include a tummy control panel, buttocks shaping properties, or built in padding for the buttocks. In any case the garment can trim the tummy, smooth the curves, and give an appealing curve to the buttocks. These garments are very appealing to women today due to the ease of use and the minimal intrusion. In most cases panty girdles look just like regular underwear.

Body Shapers

Body shapers are perfect if you have several areas to adjust. Body shapers cover an area from above the knees to the shoulders. This includes support for hips, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, and breasts. You can cinch your tummy and smooth your thighs, hips and back. However, a body shaper can also lift the breasts and buttocks to give an all over slimming appearance. Most body shapers are made of Lycra or similar fabrics. You simply step into the garment and pull it on like you would a full piece bathing suit.

Torso Trimmers

Torso trimmers are made for the area of the waist to the breasts. These garments tuck in the waistline and provide an appealing curve to the torso. These garments are perfect if you want to slim your waist, smooth a tummy bulge, lift breasts, or eliminate back rolls. Some garments are made to simply step into under your clothes, while other use hooks to adjust tightness or slimming effects.

Thigh Shaping Girdles

Thigh shaping girdles for women are designed to eliminate the appearance of cellulite or excess weight in the thighs, hips and buttocks. These girdles slip on similar to a pair of biker shorts. Most have built in underwear and a tummy slimming panel as well. For women who prefer additional leg shaping there are even garments that extend all the way to the ankle. These garments are very comfortable and fit like a glove. It is almost impossible to notice this girdle under a pair of pants or skirt.

As you can see girdles for women today are available in a variety of designs. You can choose the design that accentuates your features and eliminates your problem areas.


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