When you think of Colorado, you think of Mile High Stadium, mountains, skiing, ranches and much more. Colorado horseback riding is the ideal way to appreciate the majestic Rocky Mountains. Ride through scenic valleys, stop and lunch by pristine mountain lakes and gaze into the wonder of a snow-capped mountain peak. Each area has a distinct personality with dramatic beauty you will not find anywhere else.

You can ride on private trails on a thousand acre ranch that is also part of a National Forest. There are county lakes to ride along or even cross on horseback. You will find hundreds of miles of scenic Colorado horseback riding that will take you through the mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest. Then you can go into White River National Forest and into Flat Tops Wilderness Area. You can join in on cattle round up or set your hunting trip insurance to be on horseback.

Colorado horseback riding offers rides through National Forests but they also have the serene landscape of the Garden of the Gods Colorado. The whole family will be guided by a real cowboy to point out some of the natural splendor and then will take you to the Garden of the Gods Park where you can see the Sleeping Giant, Snakehead Rock, Kissing Camels and Siamese Twins. You can also get pony rides for the kids 2-7 years of age so they can get their first experience too. You can buy horseback riding apparel and be that cowboy or cowgirl finally.

When planning a Colorado horseback riding trip you can plan a one-hour ride or add it into your vacation package with scenic breathtaking accommodations that you will not want to leave. Forests, rivers, mountains, beautiful like no where else with so much to do you will not be able to fit it all in. You can go online, Google Colorado horseback riding or search online and the links will pop up, and you can research at your leisure.

You can contact a travel agent and see what they may have in complete packages. Make sure you check on any restrictions before you make reservations. You can plan a getaway that will never be forgotten so remember to pack your camera and lots of film or memory cards to capture the splendor of Colorado and all its beauty.

Whether you are planning for the entire family or just you on a short trip for the day, you can find it here. Colorado knows that there are people who have never rode a horse before and those who are professional riders. There is someone to fit your needs. There is something for everyone at all levels. The people are professionals and the horse are fit for mountain riding and well trained. As always, be sure they are insured in case anything happens and make sure you get what you pay for. If you prefer to go through a travel agent, Equitours specializes in equestrian getaways. They will have a package just for you. Get packing this adventure is waiting for you. You will create memories of a lifetime.


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