Cloud Nine Micro Hair Straightener – Independent Review


The people behind the Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners project were amongst the founders of GHD, and they’ve reunited with Unil Electronics, who were the actual inventors of the original model of GHD Hair Straighteners.

After taking four years to improve on their product, the Cloud Nine team are back with hair straighteners which are not just a copied re-branded straightener. It’s significantly ahead of current technologies by de-constructing the hair straightener. They have engineered Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners to be packed fully of innovative technology. Hair straighteners so amazing, that they make it possible to create a diverse range of styles.

The Cloud Nine Hair proposition is that since the beginning of the 21st century, the needs of the typical hair straightener user have changed. No longer is the only requirement for ladies to use curling iron companies to style their hair. Today, Men are straightening their hair and spending more time on grooming and appearance. They want hair straighteners that provide them with flexibility easy to use and small enough to straighten short hair styles or fringes. Hair Straighteners that can also be used to curl or add definition not only to straighten the hair but to add style. That’s why they created Cloud Nine Micro Hair Straighteners.

Cloud Nine Micro Straighteners – A Quick Overview

The micro hair straightener from Cloud Nine is a miniature straightener measuring just 18cm in length and 2.5 cm in width. They come packaged in a slip case over a presentation box. The box is very solid in design. Inside the micros are packed in a protective plastic sleeve which I imagine some users will discard. The sleeve and package lifts out to reveal the plug, guarantee and styling guide and a heat mat.

So what about the micro’s themselves?, well at first look the plug is actually bigger than the hair straightener themselves, but I imagine it’s impossible to make a UK plug smaller than it has to be. A protective heat guard sleeve covers over the micros and can be placed over after or during use to protect from any unwanted heat.

They are made from a very solid charcoal plastic and feel very solid and well-built with a Cloud nine logo to the top of the straightener with an inset symbol in-laid to the hinge. On first use there’s a small switch to the left hand side, after plugging in a depressing a green light in the centre flashes. On first switching on as the micro straightener heats up it slowly pulses when the temperature is reached. From start to finish out of the box this took approximately 25 seconds. One thing to note on the Cloud Nine Hair Micro model there is no temperature control. The max temperature that Cloud Nine Hair quotes is 150 degrees. The Micro straighteners have the usual hibernation mode common on this level of straightener so you do not need to worry if you go out and cannot remember if you left them on or not.

A couple of unique features stand out over other hair irons. Black ceramic secret ingredient plates, this is claimed they glide smoother and shine through the hair. I compared this to another pair of straighteners I have and there is a difference, they glide through the hair more smoothly with little tug or pull. The hair did feel a little more, softer and shiny.

The other feature is RFID technology, this technology is inside all Cloud Nine Straighteners and is probably one of the first features the Cloud Nine Hair team had in mind when redesigning the iron. This basically makes the hair straightener impossible to copy. An RFID chip which stands for Radio-frequency identification, this chip is inserted inside every pair of straighteners with a serial number. Cloud nine have gone to great lengths to make sure that their straighteners will not fall foul to counterfeit. This chip when scanned by a special reader is checked to the factory manufactured list held by Cloud Nine. Another policy has been to only sell through reputable hair salons and approved online resellers with an introduction of this logo to websites. This feature is good news to consumers as they can feel safe in the knowledge that they are always buying an original pair of straighteners from reputable sources allowing them to take advantage of special offers.

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