Buying the right sword can be a task in itself. There are thousands of online retailers, many different sword manufacturers, and many different types of metals that swords are forged from. If this is your first sword then you should make sure to find the right one that will fit your needs and expectations. When you find a seller you feel comfortable with, then the sword should be of good quality and help to get your sword collection off to a good start.

The first decision you have to make is why you want a ichigo bankai sword. This will greatly help you in choosing your first sword. There are two main reasons I will describe here. If you want a sword to hang on the wall as a display piece that you occasionally take down to show to friends then you should look for a sword that is made from stainless steel as it will require little or no maintenance. If your looking for a functional battle ready sword, make sure you realize these swords take care and maintenance as they are forged from high carbon steel that can rust over time when not taken care of properly.

Narrow your decision down to one of the three basic sword types.

Because there are many different swords to choose from, you should decide which of the three main types of swords you want to get.

* Museum Replicas of original swords: You may want to get a sword that is a replica of an authentic historical sword such as a Scottish claymore, medieval sword, or Spanish rapier.

* Movie Replicas: You may want to get a sword that you have seen in a movie, such as the Lord of the Rings or Eragon movie swords that are very popular.

* Fantasy Swords: These swords can have a very different look, often times they have intricate handles and unique blade shapes and are primarily for display purposes.

It is recommended that you only purchase a new sword from a reputable retailer. Make sure they have at least a 14 day guarantee that if there are any problems with the sword you can just send it back and try another sword. When looking at online sword sites make sure the online store offers state of the art 128 bit SSL industry standard security, this means you the customer have the peace of mind knowing your shopping is safe and secure.this helps protect you from identity theft and credit card fraud by passing the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test every day. Thus offering complete security and peace of mind to you. Also make sure the site has a clearly posted customer support telephone number you can call, and do the have a customer support section on there site or help section. These factors are important in feeling safe with your online sword purchase.


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