Building Your List Using Guest Blogging


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There are many ways to build your list and guest blogging is one of the best ways. You can attract additional people to your blog which can lead to more subscribers. I am sure that there a lot of popular blogs in your niche that have tons of traffic. Since these readers are in your niche, they would be interested in what you write about, your autoresponder and broadcast messages and of course your offers. Remember the products can either be your own products or affiliate offers.

Do You Know How To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

Your next question is probably, so where do I find these opportunities? The first place to start is with blogs that you already follow in your niche. In order to find out if a blog is popular, look for blogs that get at least 5 comments per post. Popular blogs typically get a lot of feedback from its readership. You can also look at the Alexa ranking.

Two other ways to find blogs are the Google Blog Search Engine and Technorati. The Google Blog Search Engine allows you to input your main keywords. Blogs and blog posts will be returned in the search results. Technorati is a directory of blogs where you can search for posts or blogs based on your search criteria.

Use any of these methods to find 10 popular blogs this week. Don’t wait to get started.

Approaching the Blog Owner

Once you find these blogs, you may be tempted to email the owner and ask if you can do a guest blog post. What you should do is spend time reading these blogs and writing helpful and relevant comments a few times a week. If you do this, the owner will actually start to recognize you. It is better for them to approach you then the other way around.

Now, you need to write a great guest blog post. Once you complete the post, email it to the blog owner. Make sure it is nicely formatted so all they have to do is copy and paste it. You want to make it as easy as possible for the owner.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Your work is not done after your guest post goes live. Once you see that your blog post is live, tweet about it, mention it on Facebook, and bookmark it on social sites like Delicious and Digg. You can also let your list know about your guest blog list. Doing these things will create more interest and traffic for both you and the blog owner.

The more traffic and attention your guest post gets, the more traffic and attention your own blog will get. Also, the blog owner will notice your efforts of promoting the post. All of this will definitely positively affect the traffic to the owner’s site. Your chances of being invited back for more guest blogging will increase if you do your best at actually promoting your post.

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