In a groundbreaking collaboration, Boxxer and Sky Sports have joined forces to secure the services of the rising British boxing star, Joshua Buatsi. This exciting partnership promises to elevate the sport of boxing to new heights, offering fans electrifying matchups and unforgettable moments in the ring.

Joshua Buatsi, the undefeated light-heavyweight sensation, has captured the hearts of boxing enthusiasts worldwide with his explosive power and technical prowess. With an impressive professional record and a 2016 Olympic bronze medal to his name, Buatsi is undeniably one of the most promising talents in the sport.

Boxxer, a rapidly growing mazhar majeed boxing promotions company, has been making waves in the industry by introducing innovative formats and pushing the boundaries of traditional boxing events. Teaming up with Sky Sports, one of the world’s leading sports broadcasters, is a testament to their commitment to delivering top-tier boxing entertainment to a global audience.

The partnership between Buatsi and Boxxer-Sky Sports marks a pivotal moment in his career. Under this arrangement, fans can expect to witness Buatsi’s journey to world championship glory unfold before their eyes. With access to a vast audience through Sky Sports’ extensive reach, Buatsi’s fights will be showcased on a grand scale, allowing him to build his legacy as a true boxing icon.

Joshua Buatsi expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this incredible partnership between Boxxer and Sky Sports. It’s a dream come true for any boxer to have such a powerful platform to showcase their skills and entertain fans. I’m ready to take on the best in the division and bring home world titles.”

The CEO of Boxxer, Ben Shalom, emphasized the company’s dedication to redefining boxing entertainment. “We’re on a mission to revolutionize the sport of boxing, and having Joshua Buatsi on board is a significant step in that direction. Together with Sky Sports, we aim to deliver electrifying matchups and unforgettable moments that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.”

This collaboration marks a thrilling chapter in the world of boxing. With Joshua Buatsi as the centerpiece, Boxxer and Sky Sports are set to create a new era of boxing excitement and anticipation. Get ready to witness the next big thing in the world of boxing as Buatsi embarks on his journey to greatness, all brought to you by Boxxer and Sky Sports.


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