Boiler Scrappage Scheme in Wales – Can You Still Save Money?


The boiler scrappage scheme in Wales was introduced at the start of 2010 in an attempt to encourage people to change their boilers to more energy-efficient models, saving both money and the environment. It offered a huge £400 off the cost of a new A-grade high efficiency boiler if you traded in your old inefficient boiler.

The sceme in Wales proved to be so popular that it has subsequently run out, with all the allocated funding available being used up. Many people saw the advantage of the opportunity and took advantage of it faster than the autorities had predicted.

This has left a lot of people worrying that they have missed out on saving money on a new replacement Cv ketel vervangen, however this isn’t the case… there are still plenty of opportunities to save a great deal of money when considering a replacement boiler.

Firstly, you can now compare the cost of boilers from trusted, local suppliers. These suppliers have lowered their prices significantly since the end of the scrappage scheme in order to keep up the level of demand that was evident during the boiler scrappage scheme in Wales. The result is that you can now make huge savings just by coparing free boiler quotes.

Secondly, the new boilers offer huge savings in themselves. Grade-A, high efficiency boilers convert much more energy to heat than older models (some 30-40% more heat) resulting in a huge reduction in your overall fuel bill. In fact, the average saving for a UK household is £200 which means the boilers can pay for themselves in reduced fuel bills alone!

The new boilers also help the environment considerably. With such as reduction in harmful emissions, it is said that the 5,000 boilers that were replaced in Wales alone have had the same effect as taking 1,700 cars off the Welsh roads.

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