If you are in the market for some alternative medicines for fertility, you really should give acupuncture a try. It is one of the oldest alternative medicines around for a reason. Even without absolute scientific proof, it has been one of the most persistent treatments because of its effectiveness.

Acupuncture is from ancient China where it was practiced around 3,000 years ago. It is a traditional method of treatment using needles. These needles are inserted into very specific points in the body believed to affect the flow of energy through the body. This energy is called chi. There are around 400 points in the body said to affect the flow of chi.

In the 1600s, Jesuit monks bought acupuncture Lower Back Pain to the western world. It gained ground in Europe but it wasn’t until recently that it passed into America, around 20 years ago. But it is gaining ground in America and many have begun to see it as a real option in treating their illnesses and conditions.

Although modern science is yet to prove conclusively what acupuncture actually does, it has been said that even the National Institutes of Health have begun expressing interest in it. The needles seem to have some sort of effect on the body’s nervous system, allowing the body to relax and modify certain functions like heart rate and blood pressure. The needles inserted into the body also have the effect of triggering the release of endorphins that cause us to feel good or happy.

Even if you don’t like needles, under well trained hands, acupuncture won’t hurt and can even be somewhat pleasurable due to the endorphins it triggers. It’s just a matter of getting the nerve to actually go through the procedure.

Today, some are using acupuncture in conjunction with modern procedures to boost fertility rates. Logic would tell us that of course there are still limitations to these needles. I mean, they are still needles and can’t solve problems like a septate uterus or uterine fibroids. However, its effects on the body can have an impact on hormonal imbalances that can solve some fertility problems. Some have said that the acupuncture solved some cases of erectile dysfunction and problems with ovulation.

It’s also making an impact in the world of artificial insemination or assisted reproductive technology. Studies have shown that people undergoing such procedures benefit from supporting sessions of acupuncture. The statistics in small studies have shown that women who go through acupuncture treatments while undergoing the medical procedures got as much as a 16% boost in pregnancy success rate. It also appeared to reduce the chance of miscarriages.

The needles are still needles though. They can be a bit daunting and some have been injured with careless needle handling. Some people were injured when the needles accidentally punctured some of their internal organs. The needles are small though so the damage is usually minimal. Some other mishaps include accidentally breaking the needle and leaving a piece inside and forgetting to remove some of the other needles. Sometimes, due to unsanitary conditions and careless practices, the needles can spread disease or cause infections.

Usually these errors can be avoided if you choose a professional with a good background. Some acupuncture professionals are professional doctors as well so you may want to try them. They should have gone through special training and have at least 200 to 300 hours of experience under them to be licensed acupuncturists. If you decide to go to a non-medically trained professional, be very diligent. It is usually best to ask around and get recommendations from trusted people. You can also check the practitioner’s status through the licensing board and his credentials.


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