If you have been fond of single-shooter games before, here is a new game for your entertainment – Halo Combat Evolved. It is now perhaps the game of the highest quality among first-person shooter games that are currently available in the market. This new game gives you a better and more thrilling shooting experience from start to finish, as compared to other games before, like Rare’s Golden Eye. The favorable video games reviews attest to this.

You will play as the Master Chief, a cyborg commando, tasked to protect the Earth from the Covenant, a group of enemy aliens out to grab the Halo, a mysterious and powerful artifact owned by the Earth. The story is futuristic apex legends boosting xbox  to the time when space bound missions from the Earth will be common to protect the Earth from bad elements from above the atmosphere and on the ground. You, playing the role of Master Chief and leader of the friendly forces, have the initial problem of defending your space ship from the troops of the Covenant who are fiercely determined to overwhelm you. When asked to post later your input to the b video games reviews portion, you will also be much carried to the future.

In the game of Halo Combat Evolved, you have to utilize your allies to help you fight the Covenant units, and the combat is quite tense as enemy soldiers sneak behind you along the many passageways, but then your allies are equal to the task of annihilating them and thus giving you a good chance to reach the main group of the Covenants and destroy them. While this is a single shooter game, much coordination between the Master Chief (you) and the allies is needed to outwit the Covenant troops.

However, the Covenant troops, your enemies, seem to be all over you giving you little rest to recuperate and recharge your shields for the next phase of the combat. As you have only two weapons available, you have to decide fast on which to use – either the one for targets like a tank or the other one which enables you to deliver a large number of rapid fire rounds of ammunition against enemy soldiers also firing at you incessantly.

The fighting in the game of Halo Combat Evolved is a very fast type of action that calls for your presence of mind in order to survive the firefights. The enemy though is equally fast and wily and though you have allies to help you, you are largely on your own when the combat comes to close quarters. If you lack the skills in this kind of action in your first few games, you will learn new tricks as you go along. Of course it is just a game and you can always go for a repeat of the action – there is nothing like learning from experience. Try to get some tips too from the video games reviews of others of more experienced players.


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