10 Tips on How to Create a Successful Online Gift Registry


There are many reasons why people register for gifts. They may be getting married, are expecting their first child, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, just bought their first house and will have a big moving-in party, etc. The possibilities are endless and by setting up online gift registries, you save people the hassle of deciding what you might like and also eliminate the danger of receiving useless or duplicate presents. Surprises are great, but sometimes you just want to get what you need.

If you are thinking about hosting a special event and are expecting gifts cheap Jewelry, you may want to consider registering online with a gift registry service. Taking advantage of such a service helps your guests with little imagination make their gift choices and can prevent you ending up with too many kitchen towels, toasters, screwdrivers, or ice buckets.

To make your online gift registry even more successful, consider the next set of helpful tips:

1. Choose a versatile registry company that allows items from a variety of stores, you don’t want to be restricted only to items that the store stocks. If you are able to pick any item you want from a variety of stores you are giving people a choice in price range and allowing all your guests to select something they can afford.

2. Allow cash donations. Some guests may prefer to give money rather than a set of coasters or a crystal vase. It may be their way to help you pay for your party expenses or that holiday you have been looking forward to.

3. Do it early. Register early so people have plenty of time to go through your gift list. It will also give them a chance to budget.

4. Make sure that your online gift registry site has easy to follow instructions and customer support, as not everyone is a computer wiz. Older people who are unfamiliar with technology may otherwise have a tough time figuring the system out.

5. Those who are getting married should share online registry passwords so both the bride and groom can add items. Both men and women have different views about what they need during marriage.

6. Pick a registry company that gives your guests the chance to deliver the gift wherever they want. Grandparents may want to surprise their daughter and new grandson with a big stuffed animal in the hospital, but may opt to have the high chair delivered to their home.

7. Have lots of items on your registry so people don’t run out. If there is nothing to shop for, your guest may make their own choices, some of which you may not like.

8. Register for expensive sets in pieces. It allows participants to start your bathroom set, or dinnerware collection without going broke. Later on, you can always complete the set with your donation money.

9. It only takes a couple of minutes, but check and update your online registry often. Add more items if you are running out of gifts. Some guests may decide to add a second gift as funds become available to them. The general rule is to keep the ratio of available gifts to guests about two to one.

10. Verify that your online gift registry service will automatically remove items from the list as soon as they were purchased. It is a useful feature that ensures you only receive one coffeemaker and not five.

Before registering, do the research and read customer reviews. Remember, you not only have to protect your own gifts, but also make sure your guests come to your party happy and content in their choice!


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